Building Your Law Practice And Helping Victims Of Personal Injury

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Quite Plainly Stated And In It’s Simplest Form,  Lexington Media Is A Full Service Legal Service Company That Understands And Caters To The Needs Of The Legal Profession. 

Allthough our name implys a marketing company, that is not the case.  We are a specialized niche firm catering to the needs of the legal profession. Not only can we bring new clients into your firm we are equipted to assist in all the task required to make your firm run smoothly. We area able to perform the many duties that you might require: paralegal, intake specialist, marketing support, business consultant and outside advisor on a variety of topics. Let us know your needs.

Our typical client is a medium to large law firm who’s specialty is type personal injury  cases. However  we  do a whole more than bring clients to your firm, and this  is what makes us unique. All proceeds our company generates is donated to soon to be non-profit The Personal Injury Attorney Network, which is a support system for the victims of personal injury.

Making Life Easier For Attorney Partners:

We realize the potential settlement in a personal injury case can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the law firm but can take many months if not years to process. But in the meantime you are out court cost, office expense, time, as well administrative cost. Not to mention advertising and marketing expense to bring in new clients. We help make it a little easier for you. Combining our skills as  your personal  Paralegal/Legal Assistant but also  as your own  advertising and marketing  consultant, we can help you cut cost and stream line your business.

In addition to our Paralegal and Legal Assistant services we may also  provide document preparation,   aid in the discovery process  by doing much of the  research and leg work for you,  thus  greatly speeding  up the process of getting your cases prepared. Many law firms  large and small find themselves short handed when it comes to their office staff, frequently staff are overworked and continually behind.  We are always intested in new ways we can possibly assist you.

 Finding Fresh Clients And The Personal Injury Attorney Network, Helping The Victims.

One of our main duties is bringing new clients into the firm. Many attorneys ask our secret for finding clients, which is no secret at all. Thru  our legal help hotlines which are set up around the country, we have become a support system to for the victims of personal injury; our Personal Injury Attorney Network offers medical and legal  guidance, support, kindness,  compassion and sympathy to those who need it most, the people who have been injured due to no fault of there own.

Victims who call our helpline are depressed, confused and don’t know where to turn or how to go about getting the assistance that they or their loved one requires. Our job  is to put  them intouch with the ones who can help them whether it be a doctor or a lawyer or social worker.

Our Number One Concern, Guidance For The Victim

We are experts at handling intake and screening out the prespective clients, we save you and your staff valuable time. When a caller or visitors comes thru our help hotline we know the right questions to ask, documentation that might be required and the ability to see a potential suit. At this point we are doing the job of the intake  specialist.

When we have sufficient data it is forwarded to out partner law firm for a follow up consultation between the attorney and potential client hopefully to consumate with a signed retainer.

We are available to assist the client and attorney alike in the migration process of bringing in the new client and will arrange the introduction of client and attorney when the time is right, we will assist in getting your retainer signed and offer full support on your behalf.

Supporting Your Existing Business Needs:

We will also gladly be happy to work with your existing client base and assist with intake as well as handle communication between your firm and the client. We are certainly more than capable of aiding in the discovery process and gathering materials, documents and evidence that might be required for litigating the case. Tell us how we can help you.

Staying In The Loop, There If You Need Us:

If the client signs on with the attorney our job is far from done. We stay intouch with the both client and attorney assisting both in anyways they require. We are at your disposal,  Ofcourse this in not necessary, but if you need or want our services and we can be of assistance, just let us know.

If our services might be required, some options might include helping:

  • Consolidate and obtain  records
  • Document preparation
  • Filing of documents
  • Coordination between the attorney and client
  • Attend trial and or be called upon as expert witness
  • Consulant And Advisor To The Law Firm

We are also available anytime as an outside consultant/advisor to the law firm as required or requested for:

  •   Legal
  •  Marketing
  • Case Issues

Thus as you see we are there to assist attorney and clients alike. Please contact us if there are any other unique services  that you might require or questions that you may have.

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Forming Long term Relationships Is Our Speciality

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